Best Acoustic Guitars for Playing Rock and Roll Music


Acoustic guitars might not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of rock music, but some of the most popular rock music, including Stairway to Heaven and More Than a Feeling, sound the best when played with this very instrument. Here are the best acoustic guitars for rock guitarists of all levels.

Yamaha APX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This acoustic-electric guitar makes the perfect complement for rock music due to its incredible sounds and top-fret access. This guitar is able to produce sounds ranging from thick lower-mid response to attention-generating low ends. You will find that these guitars sell out pretty fast, especially as it is budget-friendly.

You will find this acoustic rock guitar easy to play whether you are sitting down or standing up. It doesn’t offer the biggest punch a guitar has to offer given its lightweight design, but other aspects more than make up for it.

Yamaha FG830 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Another Yamaha guitar to join our list of top rock guitars for acoustic rock is the FG830 Dreadnought guitar. We think this acoustic guitar is a good fit for rock guitarists because it offers loud, strong sounds in the low to mid ranges, which is made possible via Yamaha’s acoustic analysis technology.

It’s a fine guitar to add to your collection if you are looking for something that’s fun to play. The intonation is as good as it gets for an acoustic guitar, both up and down the neck.

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is a super-affordable guitar that’s perfect for entry-level guitarists interested in playing acoustic rock music. The body consists of a dreadnought (14th fret) while the neck comes in a C shape with a simulated rosewood fingerboard. Given its price and construction, it’s a good guitar to travel with, especially if you don’t want to worry as much about it getting damaged.

Another reason why we recommend this guitar is its secondary features, which includes a built-in tuner and controls. It’s also not that heavy despite its size.

Martin HD-28 Standard Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is one of the few models that really epitomizes the sound of an acoustic guitar. For acoustic rock music, you want something that comes with full-bodied tones and volume, which is exactly what this guitar offers. You can also pick from three classic but beautiful styles: sunburst, aged toner, and amber burst.

The next time you visit the local music store, play the Martin HD-28 and a few other popular brands like the Taylors and Gibsons. You will keep coming back to this guitar model because of the tone, clarity, and power.

Takamine GD-30CE 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This dreadnought guitar is a worthy instrument for acoustic rock guitarists that take the stage. This 12-string acoustic-electric guitar utilizes a superior-sounding Takamine electronics system to produce clear and distinct sounds. It also comes with a built-in tuner to help you maintain control.

In terms of specs, this acoustic guitar is constructed with solid spruce for the top wood, and mahogany for the back and sides of the guitar body. The neck shape is slim and features 20 frets.

Taylor 214ce DLX Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Last on the list of best acoustic rock guitars is the Taylor 214ce DLX, which we recommend more for intermediates and professionals. This guitar delivers everything one would need to play acoustic rock at its finest, including an articulate voice, fun intonations, and professional-grade pick-up.

The sound is amazing, both plugged and not plugged. You will hear little to no buzzing when you play this well-constructed acoustic-electric guitar. It’s also fun to play with a great string action setup.

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