Best Bass Guitars for Rock & Metal Music

Rock Guitar

One of the most overlooked pieces of a rock band, the bass guitar plays a critical role in providing the rhythmic and harmonic foundation that every rock and metal song requires to sound great. Here are some of the best bass guitars we suggest that will provide a steady and good-feel pulse for your rock and metal jam sessions.

Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Short-Scale Bass Guitar

This is a solid bass guitar suitable for novices that are conscious about price. More on the smaller-end when it comes to overall size, this bass guitar is quite portable with its shorter neck and compact axe. Main features include a jatoba fingerboard and medium frets.

Most bass guitarists will mention the sound is great for its price and it won’t require much tuning out of the box. If you are a rock guitarist with small hands and short arms then this would be the right fit.

Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar

The Squier Affinity Series is a great add-on for rock and metal jam sessions. It has a slim neck and a lightweight body so even novices can easily play this guitar both sitting down and standing up. Other important features include the maple neck and fingerboard, the single-coil pickup, and the double-cutaway body.

Those who added this bass guitar to their inventory mention how versatile it is. You will be able to easily play any genre of rock and metal with this simple bass guitar.

Fender Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass

This bass guitar is great for rock music with its incredible feel and tone. Features include: 20-medium jumbo frets, master tone controls, and a S/S pickup configuration. One of the most appealing parts of this bass guitar is the neck, which features a thin C-shape maple neck design.

A lot of guitarists also mention this bass is very fun to play. It has very strong pickups and you will get a wide variety of sounds from it.

Fender Special Edition Deluxe PJ Bass

Another Fender bass guitar to produce amazing sounds is the special edition deluxe PJ bass. This guitar is just loaded with awesome features such as the Fender high mass bass bridge, Precision split singleĀ­-coil, and the 3-Ply parchment pick-guard.

It comes with a vintage vibe that will become the center of attention during any jam sessions. You will find little to no flaws with its construction, and find it comfortable to play.

Fender American Professional Jazz Bass Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Bass

For bass guitarist professionals, we suggest taking a look at the Fender American Professional. The construction of this guitar comes with a rosewood fingerboard, a slim C-shape neck, and double cutaway body. You might even consider this to be your bass guitar for life soon after you play a few tunes.

Not only does it have a gorgeous appearance, this bass guitar will easily play all genres of rock and metal with its distinct sounds. The neck is also fast and easy to play.

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