Best Guitar Amps for Playing Rock & Metal Music

Guitar Amp

Enjoy ear-melting music volumes and tones with these guitar amps. All of these amplifiers are versatile with the many features they have to offer so you won’t have issues playing whichever style of rock and metal. Some of these are suitable for solo jam sessions, while others are perfect for jam sessions with the band.

Fender Champion 20 Guitar Combo Amp

For an affordable guitar amplifier, it’s hard to beat the value of the Fender Champion 20 combo. It’s versatile enough to cater for all music styles including rock and metal. The single 8″ Special Design speaker will offer enough output to dial the right sound.

This is the perfect rock guitar accessory for hobby guitarists who enjoy playing in their bedroom. Effects that are available include: Reverb, delay/echo, chorus, tremolo, and Vibratone.

Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed 15W 1×12 Combo

Those who enjoy a regular rock music jam session should consider this guitar amp by Fender. The vintage-style 12″ Jensen speaker will allow you to play a beefier and better tone with your rock guitar. It’s packed with plenty of overdrive and harmonics.

Additional features of this rock guitar amp include the footswitch jack, the vintage pointer knobs, and the ‘fat’ switch. This is a great rock guitar amp to consider if you are looking for something that sounds great both on high and low volume.

Marshall DSL40CR 40W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

The sound from the Marshall DSL40CR will absolutely blow you away. They come with the distinct tones that Marshall amps are renown for, and the features of this guitar amp are designed so that even a novice can quickly pick up on them.

The powerful tube combo of this guitar amp will allow you to play thick overdrives and distortions, which are an absolute must for many styles of rock and metal music.

Fishman Loudbox Artist Bluetooth

This is an excellent rock guitar amp if you like to add some backing tracks during your jam session. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to play these tracks via your phone. Other cool features include the dual effects section, the adjustable reverb and delay, and the chorus and slap echo.

You will want this amplifier if you are looking for a device that produces a balanced mix between warmth and transparent sounding. It’s also known for its great artist effects.

Orange Amplifiers Crush 35RT

The Orange Crush 35RT features a dual-channel design, a digital reverb, as well as a chromatic tuner. As a rock and metal musician, you will absolutely love the punch and volume that comes with this amp sound. You can even practice quietly by connecting the amp via the headphone output.

Have trouble tuning your existing rock guitars? No worries. The built-in tuner that comes with this amp is known for being fairly accurate. The amp is also pretty loud at about 35 watts so you can definitely enjoy this while playing in a band.

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