Best Metal and Rock Guitars Under $1,000

Rock Guitar

With a maximum budget of $1,000, you will find plenty of great metal and rock guitars to pick from. We believe the qualities of the best metal guitar includes ease of play and the ability to produce aggressive tone and big output. In no particular order, here are some great metal and rock guitars under $1,000 to add to your shortlist.

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR

As the name implies, this guitar is capable of producing a hell of a performance. It features a rosewood fretboard, a mahogany body, a Floyd Rose 1000 Series bridge, and 3-way switch controls. This is an awesome choice for metal guitarists who are riff monsters and fretboard blazers.

Ibanez S520

This beautiful guitar is one of Ibanez’s longest-running guitar models and for good reason. It’s a dependable guitar that features a jatoba fretboard, a meranti body, 24 frets, an Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge, and 5-way p.u. selector controls. The pickups are well-geared for rock and metal music. Beginners may also have a good time playing heavy genre music with this electric guitar.

Solar Guitars A2.6C

This is a guitar you would want to show off in front of a crowd. It has a sleek, stealthy look given its carbon black matte color. This guitar features a c-shape neck, 24 super jumbo frets, a mahogany body, dome metal knob controls, and a 5-way blade switch. It has high-quality construction and works well for metal genres of all kinds.

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