Best Guitar Picks for Metal and Rock Music

Guitar Pick

The importance of a guitar pick is underrated. As a metal and rock guitarist, you will know that the type of gear you play is important for getting the right tone and it’s no different for the guitar pick. It seems strange that a small piece like a guitar pick can make such a big difference to the tone of your metal and rock music but it absolutely can.

Dunlop Jazz III Pick

These guitar picks aren’t just affordable but also great at providing the right tone. They are fairly small in size, which allows you to create beautiful thrashing and picking sounds. You will find that the Dunlop Jazz III picks come in various colors and finishes. In terms of thickness, the lowest option you may come across is 1.38mm.

Ernie Ball Prodigy 1.5mm

This guitar pick is also awesome for playing metal and rock music. It’s tailored to metal guitarists because of its secure, non-slip surface and its beveled edges. You will be able to play music with less drag and more precision with the Ernie Ball Prodigy pick.

Gravity Picks

Considered fairly new to the industry, Gravity Picks started in 2011 and has launched some great guitar picks ever since. You might like their gold series, which comes in a variety of thickness levels. The Gravity Picks are quite wear-resistant, which is important given the way metal and rock guitarists typically play.

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